a table creation hint to environment/table

struct new_table;

constexpr const new_table create = new_table{};

sol::new_table serves the purpose of letting you create tables using the constructor of sol::table and sol::environment. It also disambiguates the other kinds of constructors, so is necessary to be specified. Leaving it off will result in the wrong constructor to be called, for either sol::table or sol::environment.


constructor: new_table
new_table(int sequence_hint = 0, int map_hint = 0);

The constructor’s sole purpose is to either let you default-constructor the type, in which case it uses the values of “0” for its two hints, or letting you specify either sequence_hint or both the sequence_hint and map_hint. Each hint is a heuristic helper for Lua to allocate an appropriately sized and structured table for what you intend to do. In 99% of cases, you will most likely not care about it and thusly will just use the constant sol::create as the second argument to object-creators like sol::table’s constructor.